Dream Team Stars

Meet Ashley B.


 Hey y’all! My name is Ashley B. and I am a proud mom of 3 fur babies...Zoe (15), Miley (3), and Nala (9 mo).

I worked a full time brick and mortar J.O.B at the hospital for 9 years. 4 of those years I worked in another Networking company and it wasn’t successful fiscally, but I learned so much information about marketing and how to do it thoughtfully.

This leads me to Hempworx, in October 2017, Danielle did a live video that changed my life. See, I have Pigment Dispersion Syndrome, a rare form of Glaucoma and I was on the verge of going blind. I had smoked marijuana (flower) for 5 years and it was killing my lungs and stopped helping my pressures in my eyes stay lowered enough. I NEEDED CBD, because it has all the health benefits. I told Danielle “I don’t care how much it costs, I NEED this!” 

 She shared tears 😭 and information with me and then asked the simple question “Do you want the customer site or business site?” Well, anyone who knows me, knows I am all about a good business and the compensation plan totally outweighed my previous company and it was going to help my vision...it was a NO BRAINER...I switched and I have never looked back!

I am now retired from my job at the hospital after working this business for 4 months, and I’m the happiest I have ever been and I get to help people everyday, like Danielle helped me! No regrets, seriously take this leap and I promise you won’t look back! 

Meet Stephanie B.


 Hi! My name is Stephanie B. I’m a mom, wife and preschool teacher. I owned my own apparel business for 8 years. My husband and I ran it together, or should I say IT RAN US. We were stressed to the max! We worked 15 hour days dealing with payroll, inventory, employees, insurance…it all took its toll. One day we decided to completely change our lives. We closed our business, sold our house and moved to the country. My 5 year old is a country boy at heart. This was one of the best decisions we have ever made. So we both took average paying, low stress jobs. We were in heaven!! No more stressful business!! Unfortunately, our savings account wasn’t growing and we needed to work on our fixer upper home. I decided to look into a side hustle, something I could do on the side to make some extra money. I found network marketing.

My first network marketing business wasn’t a success but I knew the potential. One day my husband was telling me about CBD oil and how much it was helping one of our family members. He thought it could help with my horrible joint pain in my feet (I am a former ballet dancer). I started doing research and I was blown away. I immediately started taking the product. Then I started my search for a network marketing CBD company. I found a few and did tons of research…TONS! In the end, none of them even came close to Hempworx. The quality of the products and the possibilities of the comp plan were too much to pass up.

Here I am, a 10k affiliate…inches from 25k. I have completely replaced my full time income. My savings account is growing and we have the income to fix up our house. This company is a life saver and so are the products, which my family uses daily!! Join us, you won’t be disappointed. 

Meet Tammy H.


 Hello my name is Tammy, I'm a Hairdresser by trade, but had to give up that career years ago because of MS. I could not count on my body to get me though a work day. In December of 2017, by daily symptoms had become too much for me to bear. I was desperate for something to give me relief, especially for the anxiety I was experiencing.   A friend told me how this CBD oil was helping her son with reducing his migraines and improving his moods. I spent 15 minutes looking into it the products and company and jumped in with a 4 bottle order. On Jan 2nd I took my first dose and was Amazed at the sense of calm that I had. It was such a relief. Over the next few days my sleep improved a great deal and my daily muscular pain diminished.  I paid close attention to my body. Over the first month, I noticed  great improvements. In my second month I noticed even more improvements and other symptoms were either gone or drastically reduced. These Products have been a Life Changer for me. I take the Peppermint 750 and use the Relief Cream. I am now on a mission to Help people improve their Health and Wellness!